【英語】文房具の名前(Stationery) Answer Key


こちらは、「Stationery」のAnswer Keyです。



Answer Key



:materials (such as paper, pens, and ink) that are used for writing or typing


pencil 【ˈpensl

:a narrow piece of wood, or a metal or plastic case, containing a black or coloured substance, used for drawing or writing


pencil sharpener【ˈpensl ʃɑːrpnər】

:a small device with a blade inside, used for making pencils sharp


mechanical pencil【məˈkænɪkl ˈpensl

:a pencil with a lead 1that can be moved down for writing by turning or pushing the top of the pencil


mechanical pencil lead【məˈkænɪkl ˈpensl led



colored pencil【ˈkʌlərd ˈpensl

▶︎赤鉛筆は「red colored pencil」で表現できます。


eraser 【ɪˈreɪsər

:a small piece of rubber or a similar substance, used for removing pencil marks from paper; a piece of soft material used for removing chalkmarks from a blackboard
▶︎消しカスは「eraser shavings」です。


ballpoint pen 【ˈbɔːlpɔɪnt pen

:a pen with a very small metal ball at its point, that rolls ink onto the paper


fountain pen【ˈfaʊntn pen】

:a pen with a container that you fill with ink that flows to a nib


marker 【ˈmɑːrkər

:a pen with a thick felt tip



:a special pen used for marking words in a text in bright colours
▶︎角ばった平たいペン先は「chisel tip」、細いペン先は「fine tip」などと表現できます。また、太字と細字が両端にある2WAYタイプの蛍光ペンは「dual-tip highlighter」などで表現できます。


permanent marker【ˈpɜːrmənənt ˈmɑːrkər



crayon 【ˈkreɪɑːn

:a coloured pencil or stick of soft coloured chalk or wax, used for drawing



pen case【pen keɪs】

:a small bag, etc. for holding pencils and pens


pen holder【pen ˈhoʊldər】


notebook 【ˈnoʊtbʊk】

:a small book of plain paper for writing notes in



:sheets of paper that are held together at the top and used for writing notes on



:a book, chart, computer program, etc. that contains dates and is used for recording information, arranging meetings, etc.


Post-it【ˈpoʊst ɪt】

:a small piece of colored, sticky paper that you use for writing a note on, and that can be easily removed
(「sticky note(s)」とも表現します)



:a box or folded piece of card for keeping loose papers together and in order


pushpin 【ˈpʊʃpɪn】

:a type of drawing pin with a coloured plastic head that is not flat


paper clip【ˈpeɪpər klɪp】

:a piece of bent wire or plastic that is designed to hold loose sheets of paper together


binder clip【ˈbaɪndər klɪp】


rubber band【ˌrʌbər ˈbænd】

:a thin round piece of rubber used for holding things together


ruler 【ˈruːlər】

:a straight strip of wood, plastic or metal, marked in centimetres or inches, used for measuring or for drawing straight lines


correction tape【kəˈrekʃn teɪp】

:a white tape that you use to cover mistakes that you make when you are writing or typing, and that you can write on top of
▶︎「white-out tape」などとも表現できます。


glue stick【ɡluː stɪk】

: a sticky substance that is used for joining things together


Scotch tape【ˈskɑːtʃ teɪp】

:lear plastic tape that is sticky on one side, used for sticking things together


scissors 【ˈsɪzərz】

:a tool for cutting paper or cloth, that has two sharp blades with handles, joined together in the middle
▶︎対になっているので、複数形です。「a pair of scissors」と数えられます。
▶︎スキばさみは「thinning scissors」で表現できます。


stapler 【ˈsteɪplər】

:a small device used for putting staples into paper, etc.


staples  【ˈsteɪplz】

:a small piece of wire that is used in a device called a stapler and is pushed through pieces of paper and bent over at the ends in order to fasten the pieces of paper together


hole punch【hoʊl pʌntʃ】

:a tool or machine for cutting holes in paper, leather or metal


box cutter【bɑːks ˈkʌtər】

:a tool for cutting


bookmark 【ˈbʊkmɑːrk

:a strip of paper, etc. that you put between the pages of a book when you finish reading so that you can easily find the place again


compass 【ˈkʌmpəs

:an instrument with two long thin parts joined together at the top, used for drawing circles and measuring distances on a map


protractor 【prəˈtræktər

:an instrument for measuring and drawing angles, usually made from a half circle of clear plastic with degrees (0° to 180°) marked on it



:a small heavy object that you put on top of loose papers to keep them in place




  1. 絵と一緒に、発音を聞いて、何度も声に出して覚える
  2. ある程度言えるようになったら、フラッシュカードにチャレンジ。