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The donuts are __.
The French fries are __.
The vegetable is __.
Sushi is __.
This cake is __.
The tea is __.
The tea is __.
The curry is __.
This fondue is __.
The coffee is __.
The coffee is __.
Lemons are __.
The soup is __.
The hamburger is __.
The steak is __.
Watermelons are __.
The pizza is __.
These bananas are __.
These bananas are __.
The lettuce is __.
The bread has gone __.
The breakfast is __.
The apples are __.
The lemon is __.
Honey is __.
The soup is __.
Caramel candies are __.
This cereal is __.
Carrots are __!
Broccoli is __.
This ice cream is __.

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The donuts are sweet.
The French fries are salty.
The vegetable is bitter.
Sushi is tasty.
This cake is delicious.
The tea is hot.
The tea is cold.
The curry is spicy.
This fondue is mild.
The coffee is strong.
The coffee is weak.
Lemons are sour.
The soup is creamy.
The hamburger is greasy.
The steak is tender.
Watermelons are juicy.
The pizza is cheesy.
These bananas are ripe.
These bananas are unripe.
The lettuce is fresh.
The bread has gone stale.
The breakfast is nutritious.
The apples are rotten.
The lemon is moldy.
Honey is thick.
The soup is thin.
Caramel candies are chewy.
This cereal is tasteless.
Carrots are disgusting!
Broccoli is yucky.
This ice cream is yummy.

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